Bachelors and Cleaning

Messy bachelors flatOne major characteristic of a bachelor is an untidy apartment. It does not go across the board, but the probability of finding a clean bachelor is very low. When thinking about bachelors and cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is a stench striking one’s face when the door to a bachelor’s house is opened. A completely undesirable stench, a mixture of dirty linen, dirty socks, dirty utensils, dirty floor, dirty everything.

When it comes to cleaning, a bachelor requires easy solutions. Using a hoover to clean the carpet would be a great solution for keeping his floor litter free, but the chances of him doing that regularly is also in question. I suppose it would be enough to hoover once a day or even once a week for the lazier bachelors. In my opinion a modern day guy is heavily dependent on a house cleaning service or some specialised tips (click here to see a few).

Laundry solutions are key for bachelors because, its not a wonder to find dirty clothes strewn all over the place. On the sofa, under the bed, all over the floor and even on the kitchen counter. A good washing machine, which also has an in built drier is perfect. Once the clothes go in dirty, they come out dry and fresh.

Most bachelors do not cook and therefore they are in the habit of getting take away and therefore, the litter bin is always having some left over chips or hamburgers. It is not in all instances that the litter ends up in the bin, because it could well end up on the floor or even under the bed. In any case if the bachelor takes on cooking, its another issue altogether. The utensils pile up, because all he does is take new utensils so as to avoid cleaning the dishes. The word cleaning to a bachelor is like an alien concept that he would rather do without. A dish washer comes in handy and it solves all the cleaning needs at once. The dishes go in dirty and come out clean ready to use. No standing over the sink cleaning and scrubbing. One easy solution for a bachelor who hates doing the dishes.

It is amazing just how much love bachelors have for their cars. It is very interesting to see just how much time, a bachelor will spend keeping the car clean. He would even go to the extent of using a lot of money to have his ‘ride’ cleaned and refurbished. A bachelor will wake up early in the morning to shine his car, clean and polish it ready to go and he will not feel any pressure to do that.

Good surface cleaners that do not need many procedures are also important cleaning solutions for bachelors. A good surface cleaner for polished wooden surfaces coupled with a good window cleaner for all glass surfaces is important. No need for soaping or much rinsing, just a cotton cloth and squirt and all is done. Bachelors hate cleaning and its always better for them to have the easiest and most reliable method of staying clean and fresh.

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The Carpet Cleaner VS The Rock Star

cleaning-carpets-at-the-rockstar-hotelWhen I loaded up my van today, and headed off to my first job of the day, I thought it was going to be just another day. I go in, asses the damage, let the customer know the cost including materials and labour, clean, and then get the heck out. Well, that is what I thought. Boy was I in for a rude awakening.

Now I have been in this business for years, and I have pretty much seen it all. From flood damaged carpets to carpets so full of poop you would think an elephant with irritable bowel syndrome had broken in there just to use the bathroom. So, when a local hotel called me up asking for my services to clean up a carpet after a party, I told them it would be no problem.

After all I have dealt with them many times before. They are good customers that let you know exactly what they want, and do not try to haggle you with the price. You know those people that stand over you while you work, and tell you exactly how you should do everything, and then expect you to give them something for free, because they know someone you know. I have a family to feed. I am not running a Charity.

My first job of the day was simple. One of my other regular customers had me out for a monthly cleaning. I told her before she doesn’t need me to come out there and clean her carpet, because she never even uses that room, but she insists. She’s a sweet old lady that always has a cup of coffee and a muffin ready for me, so I can’t refuse her. Even if it costs me more to drive out there than what I’m going to make off the job.

Anyway, about 10 A.M. I got a call on my cell phone. It was the hotel calling back to let me know they had cleared the room, and were ready for me to come over. Before I hung up the guy on the phone said to me “You are not going to believe what I’m looking at.” I assured him I have dealt with the nastiest messes you could imagine. Looking back on it now I should have brought a torch with me.

When I arrived the hotel manager walked me to the room. It was one of those expensive ones on the top, you know. On the way up he explained to me that there had been a celebrity staying at their hotel for the past few days. I do not remember the name of the band. Cocheese, Co-something. Something that sounded like cheese. I am not really sure. I am more of a classical rock person myself.

Finally we reached the room. I pulled out my notepad and headed in. What I saw made me almost have a seizure. Rock star party? It looked like a angry mob of preschoolers had raided the Crayola crayon warehouse and went crazy up in there. There was so much colour, and the over powering stench of beer and piss made me want to just throw a match on it, and call it a day.

It turns out this person is very fond of M&M’s, but only the brown ones. The caterer forgot to take out all the coloured ones. This pissed him off, and he proceeded to redecorate the room with enough bags of candy to feed a small army of leprechauns. Long story short it took me the rest of the day to clean that mess. I had to refill my steam cleaner about 30 times. The sound of M&M’s flying into the vacuum was like a machine gun going off.

You know the movie Scarface? Yeah, that’s what I felt like in there. “Say hello to my little friend.” Except instead of some Cuban gangsters I was fighting against Rainbow Bright and the Care Bears. Note to self: buy a torch. I guess even after all these years there’s still surprises waiting for me.

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Carpet Cleaning – Ouch! It Hurts

I have started to feel this pain on my left shoulder. A sharp, sudden pain pierces my neck and shoulder when I try to lift my carpet cleaning gear. Sometimes I am able to carry on cleaning and moving and lifting heavy stuff around but sometimes (thankfully it is less times) I’d scream with pain. Ouch! It hurts a lot.

So What Is It?!?!

I am not a 60 year old guy who has worked all his life in the mines of gloomy Sheffield, ain’t I? It doesn’t feel like a muscle damage (stretched or torn) but something to do with my bones. It is messing my carpet cleaning work right now big time. I am trying to be courteous with my clients and always try and help move furniture around the house I clean. If it is a nice old lady she would make me a cuppa and would sit around chatting while I move her stuf and get ready to clean her carpet. If it is a guy he would help me move tables and heavy sofas (except when I come upon the sensitive and vulnerable lazy type of metrosexual human being who officially refuse to show any masculinity by lifting things for it is so out of character) and then leave to do my work. But when I have a nice old lady and my shoulder hurts then I have a problem. I will have to start making excuses that sound exactly like that: excuses. The lady thinks I am a lazy git and doesn’t make me a cuppa. I am not too pleased but get on with the carpet cleaning wherever I can reach. I hope it doesn’t look unprofessional and rude. This is not the way I normally treat my customers but when all I want to do is scream “Ouch!!!” from the top of my lungs then I have no choice, haven’t I?

I have been to the doctor and he said it is a result of working too much. What? I have been carpet cleaning a lot lately, yes, but working too much so I can damage my shoulder bone – no, I don’t think so. I grab the regular pack of paracetamol and hop in the carpetmobile. Better not be late for my next job though.

What about my sore shoulder? Go home and forget about cleaning carpets for a week or month? No, thanks. Not really mu cuppa tea. I like being pushed to the limit and this is what I do with my body – push it to the limits. From mtime to time I sit down and think I need to be doing more rests between cleans but…who cares. Get on with the work – I will relax when the time is right.

Meanwhile I suggest my shoulder got better. Thanks!

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How The NCCA Can Benefit Any Carpet Cleaner

A self-respecting carpet cleaner in the UK must become a member of the NCCA. Period. National Carpet Cleaners Association that is. I have been telling this to everybody I know since I became a member – get accredited and this will greatly benefit your life as a professional carpet cleaning technician. People know the organisation plus the NCCA advertise in a lot in newspapers, TV, radio and directories. It is becoming a kind of benchmark for clients when deciding which company or one man band to hire – is he a member is becoming very popular.

If you are taking yourself and your job seriously you can’t afford not to become a part of the largest professional carpet cleaners body in the United Kingdom. You simply cannot because it will cause you to lose many a potential client who is knowledgeable about the carpet cleaning industry and accreditations.

The main benefit for the customers is that they can always be sure the carpet cleaner entering their front door is an insured and properly trained professional who would carry out a proper job on their soft furnishings. If the client is not happy with his work or for some reasons believes that the results he has received could be improved, he is guaranteed a return visit by the carpet cleaner. If still not happy he has the right to take things further with the NCCA. The Association will then assign an independent expertise to survey the work of its member and reach an objective decision. In other words the NCCA membership provides potential clients with a good peace of mind that the cowboys in the industry (yes, we know about these muppets) have been filtered out.

Every future NCCA member is required to maintain adequate insurance to cover any damages to clients’ property as well as undergo an extensive training course and tests prior to joining the Association. In most cases the majority of carpet cleaners applying to become members are existing professionals who would like to add quality and reputation to their carpet cleaning businesses.

Is it worth it? You bet it is. I think this is one of the best business decisions I have made since I took up carpet cleaning as my main source of income. Are you a carpet cleaner? What are you waiting for – here is the website: NCCA.

Cleaning Lady Murdered By Hadyman At Work

Unfortunately this is life in the 21st century. Crazy people killing innocent working folk. Poor cleaning lady was doing her (not so prestigious) job when a monster disguised as a handyman (I couldn’t call anybody who does such a thing a human being, sorry) decided he’d kill her. Most probably the exact circumstances will never be revealed by the fact is the woman is gone and her family had their lives overturned and ruined in a split moment. The rogue handyman was jailed for life. Good . But it is not fair at all. The pain he has caused cannot be erased with a life sentence. In fact I don’t know what would make this evil deed correctly punished.

Cleaning has been classed as not so dangerous occupation by insurance risk analysts. As long as the correct health and safety procedures have been outlined and followed, cleaning shouldn’t be a harming job. Especially office cleaning. It’s hardly anything more than vacuuming and dusting. As long as you make sure you don’t hang yourself with the hoover’s cable you’ll be fine.

Well, it looks like it is not safe anymore. Any profession could hide a potential harm if you have an insane maniac for a colleague. Scary stuff. You’d better watch out who you stay working late with. Better still – keep your pepper spray handy.

Stay safe, folks!

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Dealing With Carpet Stains

Finding a stain on your expensive carpet can be a very disturbing experience. If you have not hired the services of a carpet cleaning firm before, you may be full of premonition, feeling that a professional clean may just be the end of your expensive carpet.

Well, there is no need to be scared. A few carpet cleaning tips may be all you need to get your carpet back to its past glory. No matter how bad the stain looks, remember that it is very rare for a single stain to destroy a carpet.

When dealing with a carpet stain, always remember that what caused the stain is very important in determining how to get the stain off from your carpet. What is used to remove a blood stain from carpet would be very different from the chemical of choice when dealing with ink stains. A very important factor (I’d say the most important factor whether the stain could be successfully extracted or not) is the amount of time the substance (coffee,, tea, red wine etc.) has spent within the carpet fibers. The longer you leave it, the harder the stain to get out will be.

Here comes the benefit of employing a professional carpet cleaning company to do the stain removal for you – they will do it right and you won’t have to invest your precious time in elbow grease. Isn’t that enough to pick up the phone?

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The Truth Behind Green Cleaning Materials

green cleaning materialsI have discussed this subject with many colleagues and cleaning business owners and the final conclusion I come to is always one and the same – green cleaning stuff is not as effective as standard cleaning stuff. Like it or not, that was everyone’s opinion too.

Let me get into some detail now. I know nowadays everybody is shouting and screaming “Save the planet”, “Green cleaning is the way forward” “Green this” and “Green that”. OK, I agree. Green is the new black. Green is nice and green sounds healthy. In fact green IS healthy. You can use Green Energy, Green Machines, Green Carboxes, Green Cups, Green bags etc. It is even very trendy and fashionable  to do so. But when it comes to cleaning (and by cleaning I mean good old elbow grease) you can’t really rely on these “green” cleaning materials that many companies are trying to flog to the cleaning business owners (carpet cleaning included). Reason: they don’t work. Or at least they don’t work the way conventional cleaning stuff would work.

I have had a cases when a commercial cleaning client required that only green cleaning products were to be  used in their work environment but at the same time the requirements insisted on top quality cleaning result. And guess what – the “top quality cleaning” result could only be achieved by using the conventional cleaning stuff that us cleaning folk have been using since the very start of time. When presented with a detailed demonstration, the client decided to switch back to the standard cleaning products that everybody uses. He did not want to stick to his guns to the so called “fashionable green cleaning mumbo jumbo” and chose the path of reason and good old common sense.

I don’t blame him. The guy just wanted to provide his highly motivated office staff with the level of cleanliness they deserved and this process did not include “green” stuff.

While I am on the subject I want to point out that the so called “green” products still contain chemicals. I am not really 100% convinced they represent a completely clean alternative to normal cleaning products. What I am sure of is that many manufacturers (mainly small time garage based one man bands) have seen a very good niche to start exploiting for their personal gain. In many other areas the green way of living and working may lead to significant benefits for the people and the planet Earth but when it’s about the cleaning industry – I very much doubt it.

Yes, there are ways of reducing the use of chemicals in the cleaning process by introducing microfibre cloths and various other methods of cleaning, but this is something totally different and has nothing to do with the point I am trying to raise here.

I believe there is a lack of specific scientific research that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that using “green” cleaning products is much safer to the environment than standard cleaning products. I would be very interested to find out the facts. If you know something I don’t know, please feel free to comment with the evidence and I will gladly re-consider (and re-publish) my thoughts. Unti then I will stick to what I (and thousands others) know and rely their business on.



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