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How The NCCA Can Benefit Any Carpet Cleaner

A self-respecting carpet cleaner in the UK must become a member of the NCCA. Period. National Carpet Cleaners Association that is. I have been telling this to everybody I know since I became a member – get accredited and this will greatly benefit your life as a professional carpet cleaning technician. People know the organisation plus the NCCA advertise in a lot in newspapers, TV, radio and directories. It is becoming a kind of benchmark for clients when deciding which company or one man band to hire – is he a member is becoming very popular.

If you are taking yourself and your job seriously you can’t afford not to become a part of the largest professional carpet cleaners body in the United Kingdom. You simply cannot because it will cause you to lose many a potential client who is knowledgeable about the carpet cleaning industry and accreditations.

The main benefit for the customers is that they can always be sure the carpet cleaner entering their front door is an insured and properly trained professional who would carry out a proper job on their soft furnishings. If the client is not happy with his work or for some reasons believes that the results he has received could be improved, he is guaranteed a return visit by the carpet cleaner. If still not happy he has the right to take things further with the NCCA. The Association will then assign an independent expertise to survey the work of its member and reach an objective decision. In other words the NCCA membership provides potential clients with a good peace of mind that the cowboys in the industry (yes, we know about these muppets) have been filtered out.

Every future NCCA member is required to maintain adequate insurance to cover any damages to clients’ property as well as undergo an extensive training course and tests prior to joining the Association. In most cases the majority of carpet cleaners applying to become members are existing professionals who would like to add quality and reputation to their carpet cleaning businesses.

Is it worth it? You bet it is. I think this is one of the best business decisions I have made since I took up carpet cleaning as my main source of income. Are you a carpet cleaner? What are you waiting for – here is the website: NCCA.


Cleaning Lady Murdered By Hadyman At Work

Unfortunately this is life in the 21st century. Crazy people killing innocent working folk. Poor cleaning lady was doing her (not so prestigious) job when a monster disguised as a handyman (I couldn’t call anybody who does such a thing a human being, sorry) decided he’d kill her. Most probably the exact circumstances will never be revealed by the fact is the woman is gone and her family had their lives overturned and ruined in a split moment. The rogue handyman was jailed for life. Good . But it is not fair at all. The pain he has caused cannot be erased with a life sentence. In fact I don’t know what would make this evil deed correctly punished.

Cleaning has been classed as not so dangerous occupation by insurance risk analysts. As long as the correct health and safety procedures have been outlined and followed, cleaning shouldn’t be a harming job. Especially office cleaning. It’s hardly anything more than vacuuming and dusting. As long as you make sure you don’t hang yourself with the hoover’s cable you’ll be fine.

Well, it looks like it is not safe anymore. Any profession could hide a potential harm if you have an insane maniac for a colleague. Scary stuff. You’d better watch out who you stay working late with. Better still – keep your pepper spray handy.

Stay safe, folks!

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