Cleaning Lady Murdered By Hadyman At Work

Unfortunately this is life in the 21st century. Crazy people killing innocent working folk. Poor cleaning lady was doing her (not so prestigious) job when a monster disguised as a handyman (I couldn’t call anybody who does such a thing a human being, sorry) decided he’d kill her. Most probably the exact circumstances will never be revealed by the fact is the woman is gone and her family had their lives overturned and ruined in a split moment. The rogue handyman was jailed for life. Good . But it is not fair at all. The pain he has caused cannot be erased with a life sentence. In fact I don’t know what would make this evil deed correctly punished.

Cleaning has been classed as not so dangerous occupation by insurance risk analysts. As long as the correct health and safety procedures have been outlined and followed, cleaning shouldn’t be a harming job. Especially office cleaning. It’s hardly anything more than vacuuming and dusting. As long as you make sure you don’t hang yourself with the hoover’s cable you’ll be fine.

Well, it looks like it is not safe anymore. Any profession could hide a potential harm if you have an insane maniac for a colleague. Scary stuff. You’d better watch out who you stay working late with. Better still – keep your pepper spray handy.

Stay safe, folks!

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