Bachelors and Cleaning

Messy bachelors flatOne major characteristic of a bachelor is an untidy apartment. It does not go across the board, but the probability of finding a clean bachelor is very low. When thinking about bachelors and cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is a stench striking one’s face when the door to a bachelor’s house is opened. A completely undesirable stench, a mixture of dirty linen, dirty socks, dirty utensils, dirty floor, dirty everything.

When it comes to cleaning, a bachelor requires easy solutions. Using a hoover to clean the carpet would be a great solution for keeping his floor litter free, but the chances of him doing that regularly is also in question. I suppose it would be enough to hoover once a day or even once a week for the lazier bachelors. In my opinion a modern day guy is heavily dependent on a house cleaning service or some specialised tips (click here to see a few).

Laundry solutions are key for bachelors because, its not a wonder to find dirty clothes strewn all over the place. On the sofa, under the bed, all over the floor and even on the kitchen counter. A good washing machine, which also has an in built drier is perfect. Once the clothes go in dirty, they come out dry and fresh.

Most bachelors do not cook and therefore they are in the habit of getting take away and therefore, the litter bin is always having some left over chips or hamburgers. It is not in all instances that the litter ends up in the bin, because it could well end up on the floor or even under the bed. In any case if the bachelor takes on cooking, its another issue altogether. The utensils pile up, because all he does is take new utensils so as to avoid cleaning the dishes. The word cleaning to a bachelor is like an alien concept that he would rather do without. A dish washer comes in handy and it solves all the cleaning needs at once. The dishes go in dirty and come out clean ready to use. No standing over the sink cleaning and scrubbing. One easy solution for a bachelor who hates doing the dishes.

It is amazing just how much love bachelors have for their cars. It is very interesting to see just how much time, a bachelor will spend keeping the car clean. He would even go to the extent of using a lot of money to have his ‘ride’ cleaned and refurbished. A bachelor will wake up early in the morning to shine his car, clean and polish it ready to go and he will not feel any pressure to do that.

Good surface cleaners that do not need many procedures are also important cleaning solutions for bachelors. A good surface cleaner for polished wooden surfaces coupled with a good window cleaner for all glass surfaces is important. No need for soaping or much rinsing, just a cotton cloth and squirt and all is done. Bachelors hate cleaning and its always better for them to have the easiest and most reliable method of staying clean and fresh.

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