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Carpet Cleaning – Ouch! It Hurts

I have started to feel this pain on my left shoulder. A sharp, sudden pain pierces my neck and shoulder when I try to lift my carpet cleaning gear. Sometimes I am able to carry on cleaning and moving and lifting heavy stuff around but sometimes (thankfully it is less times) I’d scream with pain. Ouch! It hurts a lot.

So What Is It?!?!

I am not a 60 year old guy who has worked all his life in the mines of gloomy Sheffield, ain’t I? It doesn’t feel like a muscle damage (stretched or torn) but something to do with my bones. It is messing my carpet cleaning work right now big time. I am trying to be courteous with my clients and always try and help move furniture around the house I clean. If it is a nice old lady she would make me a cuppa and would sit around chatting while I move her stuf and get ready to clean her carpet. If it is a guy he would help me move tables and heavy sofas (except when I come upon the sensitive and vulnerable lazy type of metrosexual human being who¬†officially¬†refuse to show any masculinity by lifting things for it is so out of character) and then leave to do my work. But when I have a nice old lady and my shoulder hurts then I have a problem. I will have to start making excuses that sound exactly like that: excuses. The lady thinks I am a lazy git and doesn’t make me a cuppa. I am not too pleased but get on with the carpet cleaning wherever I can reach. I hope it doesn’t look unprofessional and rude. This is not the way I normally treat my customers but when all I want to do is scream “Ouch!!!” from the top of my lungs then I have no choice, haven’t I?

I have been to the doctor and he said it is a result of working too much. What? I have been carpet cleaning a lot lately, yes, but working too much so I can damage my shoulder bone – no, I don’t think so. I grab the regular pack of paracetamol and hop in the carpetmobile. Better not be late for my next job though.

What about my sore shoulder? Go home and forget about cleaning carpets for a week or month? No, thanks. Not really mu cuppa tea. I like being pushed to the limit and this is what I do with my body – push it to the limits. From mtime to time I sit down and think I need to be doing more rests between cleans but…who cares. Get on with the work – I will relax when the time is right.

Meanwhile I suggest my shoulder got better. Thanks!

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Cleaning Lady Murdered By Hadyman At Work

Unfortunately this is life in the 21st century. Crazy people killing innocent working folk. Poor cleaning lady was doing her (not so prestigious) job when a monster disguised as a handyman (I couldn’t call anybody who does such a thing a human being, sorry) decided he’d kill her. Most probably the exact circumstances will never be revealed by the fact is the woman is gone and her family had their lives overturned and ruined in a split moment. The rogue handyman was jailed for life. Good . But it is not fair at all. The pain he has caused cannot be erased with a life sentence. In fact I don’t know what would make this evil deed correctly punished.

Cleaning has been classed as not so dangerous occupation by insurance risk analysts. As long as the correct health and safety procedures have been outlined and followed, cleaning shouldn’t be a harming job. Especially office cleaning. It’s hardly anything more than vacuuming and dusting. As long as you make sure you don’t hang yourself with the hoover’s cable you’ll be fine.

Well, it looks like it is not safe anymore. Any profession could hide a potential harm if you have an insane maniac for a colleague. Scary stuff. You’d better watch out who you stay working late with. Better still – keep your pepper spray handy.

Stay safe, folks!

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